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4EVENTS bring the party to you and we're fully committed to providing the highest quality catering in Shropshire.

We know what it's like to have a large family and understand the importance of getting together and making memories. Nowadays, it's not as easy to accommodate large groups in many restaurants and pubs country-wide, due to all manner of restrictions and the general madness sweeping the world right now.

That's where we come in.

With years of experience in hospitality, working in pubs and other catering venues, we have decided to offer entertainment and catering for any event you have in mind, no matter how big or small, private, or corporate. We'll make sure it is tailored to your liking, discussing the agenda step by step, agreeing things with you as we go, to help you make the memories that will last a lifetime.




Catering Services

Our catering services can be put together exactly as you like it. From fine dining to garden buffet BBQ's we have something for everyone.
We guarantee :

  • Quality Food
  • Locally and Sustainably Sourced
  • All Allergens Accounted For
  • Any Type of Event Catered To

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lasagna dish as part of our Events Catering in Shropshire

Live band as part of our Events Catering in Shropshire





Event Management & Catering Services

4 Events don't just provide catering in Shropshire. We're also an event management company. We can help manage and arrange entertainment for your event, so food and fun are both catered for in abundance. Head over to our Services page for more info on how we go about this and how we can help you out.

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Why Work With Us?



No Hidden Costs

We understand the frustration and disorganisation that can come with planning an event yourself, costs can quickly spiral out of control, so we put that to bed from the beginning. We provide detailed quote up front, with no nasty hidden costs to sneak up on you.



Free Consultation

We always make sure that we provide an in-depth consultation before any event goes ahead. That way, we know exactly what you're after and can build an event that suits you down to the ground. We're also in contact regularly and our consultations are completely free.

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Bespoke Services

We take care of absolutely everything. The catering in Shropshire is just step one. We also arrange entertainment and manage the entire process from start to finish, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. It's all in hand. Get in touch for more information on how we can make your party easy and fun.



Personal Touch

Our commitment to communication, as well as our customer service, is second to none. We keep you up to date and in the loop throughout the entire planning process. We'll run your party as if it were our own! There's no stress. We're with you all the way through.


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Service Areas

Our primary areas of operation for catering in Shropshire are Shrewsbury, Crewe, Stoke. We can, however, go as far as Wales and Cheshire! Please get in touch below to see if your event is something that we can cater to.







ABOUT 4Events

The future is in contract catering: we'll be looking to cater for 12 to 500 people in a safe environment, using as fresh and locally sourced produce as we possibly can, making sure that we're personally happy with the quality and sustainability. If we wouldn't eat it, we wouldn't serve it to you. We all want to do our bit to support our local community.

4Events is a Catering and Event company which operates on a customer-first basis, with a personal touch. No event is the same and every event should be one to remember, for good reasons or bad (as long as it's just Uncle Bob making a fool out of himself)!

At 4E, we aim to deliver a safe and sound customer experience, at your leisure. We will make sure that every step of the planning is tailored to you and your guests flavours and desires, to deliver an unforgettable experience.

With over 15 years in the hospitality industry, we have learned a lot of skills and gained a lot of knowledge withing the sector. We have finally decided to turn that knowledge and experience into a business model and create an original experience for any of our customers who wish to reach for our services.

We have run the gambit of roles in Pubs and Restaurants, learning enough so that we can help those struggling a little to bring their entertainment to their guests. We're here to make things lively, fun and flavourful, with our events and catering in Shropshire.

Venu and dining set up as part of our Events Catering in Shropshire

Pasta dish from our caterers in Shropshire




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If you've got a party, corporate event or any other type of celebration coming up, get in touch through the contact form below. I'm sure we can make your event one to remember!

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